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Saturday, July 4, 2009

No Sunday Inserts

Remember---there will be NO SUNDAY INSERTS in the 7/5/09 paper because of the holiday. So, relax, enjoy your weekend and have a Happy 4th of July!

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Sunflower Market

Have you shopped at Sunflower Market? If not, it's really worth a trip. They have good produce for GREAT prices. I like to go on Wednesdays because it's "Double Ad Day" meaning- it's the last day of one sale ad and the first day of the next week's sale ad so the store honors BOTH sale ads and you have lots of great deals to cash in on! Here's what I bought on my Wednesday 6/24/09 trip:
Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast Family Pack $3.64
93% Lean Ground Beef Family Pack $4.61
.83 lb Apricots $0.56
1 Pineapple $0.99
2.01 lb Nectarines $1.35
2 Limes $0.20
6-oz Raspberries $0.99
6-oz Blueberries $0.99
10.69 lb Seedless Watermelon $3.56
Total Spent: $16.89
I know that GS is working to get a list on their website for Sunflower Market but until then you can check out the ads online at:

Monday, June 29, 2009

Other Sunday Paper Coupons--#2

Yesterday there were other coupons in addition to the SmartSource insert in the Sunday paper. I was really surprised to see the 1 page P&G (two-sided) Gillette Fusion/Venus coupons.

P&G also put coupons in the Parade insert as well. I have never seen them do this before but I'm not complaining!Here's the breakdown:
P&G: $3/1 Gillette Fusion Manual or Power Razor (any)
BOGO Gillette Series Shave Gel 7-oz. or larger
$3/1 Venus Embrace or Venus Spa Breeze Razor
BOGO SatinCare Shave Gel 7-oz. or larger
Parade: $1/1 Cottonelle toilet paper Aloe & E 12-pack
$0.50/1 Cottonelle SoothingClean Wipes tub
$2/2 Covergirl products (any)
$1/1 Covergirl product (any)
$2/1 Covergirl & Olay Simply Ageless product
$1/1 Bit-O-Luv Dog Treats 4-oz (any flavor)
I'm always happy to see extra coupons! Hope you found these in your paper too.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Other Sunday Paper Coupons

Did you happen to look in your USA Weekend & Parade inserts yesterday? I always browse through mine. Every once in a while they will have coupons inside. Yesterday they had 7 coupons available. Here's a breakdown:
USA Weekend: $0.50/1 tub Scott Naturals Moist Wipes, $1/1 Scott Extra Soft double roll toilet paper 12-pack, $1/1 Scott paper towels 6-pack or larger, $1/1 Cottonelle toilet paper (any variety) 12-pack, $2/1 Prilosec OTC
Parade: BOGO 2.05-oz Kraft Easy Mac, $2/1 Prilosec OTC
Even though I get 4 papers and 4 Parade inserts only 3 of the Parade inserts had the Kraft Easy Mac coupons. I don't know why some of those inserts have coupons and some don't but I always check. I'm still happy about my 3 Kraft coupons.
So if you haven't went through your papers or they are in the recycle bin you might want to go through them today and grab these coupons.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Yes I know...I have been a slacker. So sorry. We took on a huge project here at our house. We have been working like crazy since April to landscape our backyard before the heat of summer gets here and it has really consumed ALL of our extra time. I haven't been teaching many classes or doing a whole lot of shopping but I HAVE been using up my stockpile of food and toiletries which has been so nice! Wow I love couponing and stocking up because we have sooooo much that I've been able to take a little break and utilize what I already have. Now it's time for me to get back to teaching & shopping!
On the GS website under the "other stores" list you will see a Target list for this week!!! I'm seriously jumping for joy over that one. It's really worth checking out so be sure to take a look.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Kraft Coupons

The buzz of the coupon world this week is the printable Kraft coupons. These are high value and RARE coupons. Right now they are available on GS Group A coupons (but you can only print them once) and you can also go to click on the right hand side where it says "hurry! coupon offers..." become a member and get access to the coupons. Be sure to hurry because it sounds like Kraft has set print limits on these and will be pulling them as soon as that limit is reached.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Big News From Grocery Smarts

Grocery Smarts is growing! Lists are now available in the following areas:
Southern California g92ro1
Idaho g83ro1
Eastern Washington g99ro1
Other areas that should be added soon are Arizona, Western Washington, Oregon and Northern California. If you have friends and family in any of these areas please feel free to pass along this info with the codes. I've also put the links for these new codes on my blog along with codes for Utah and Nevada.